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Craig is my favorite hypnotherapist as I was searching for Flagstaff Hypnosis as I needed to heal a lot of different things. But here is one of the reviews I read about him:

I highly recommend Craig!

I was hesitant to try hypnotherapy for my anxiety, but agreed to a session since my wife, who is also a patient, raved of her experience. Seeing the difference it made in life made it easy for me to try.

My experience was remarkable! After my first session, I immediately felt a rush of positive energy. Subsequent session only got better. The experience is “life-changing.”

Equally as valuable are Craig’s video and audio sessions. My wife and I still listen to the Sleep Hypnotherapy session before bed each night. Having the tools to use outside of our sessions truly solidifies his teachings.

I am eternally grateful for the help he provided.

So please choose flagstaff hypnosis and Arizona Integrative Hypnotherapy. You’ll be glad you did!

Is there a difference between Hypnotherapists? Isn’t all the same?

The difference comes down to training and education.

Craig practices Integral Hypnotherapy™—the adaptive, client-centered and collaborative approach to healing. Craig completed 500 hours of classroom style training in this comprehensive methodology at the prestigious Hypnotherapy Academy of America, North America’s premier hypnotherapy training institute, taught by leading experts in the field and physicians.

Because Integral Hypnotherapy™ is adaptive and emphasizes collaboration between client and therapist, its healing possibilities as an effective adjunctive therapy are extensive.

Integral Hypnotherapy™ is the ONLY style of hypnotherapy that has been scientifically validated through a National Institutes of Health funded study, which found it to be an effective, and in many cases, “superior” form of therapy. Based on a 4 year, 3-million-dollar NIH funded study treating Overactive Bladder Syndrome (Urgency Urinary Incontinence). Click Here for more details on the research.

It is estimated that only 5% of hypnotherapists have the 500 hours of classroom style certification training in hypnotherapy that Craig does. Unfortunately, the vast majority of hypnotherapists have only 80 to 200 hours of training, many through correspondence courses online, with little or no clinical skills supervision.

Flagstaff Hypnotherapy

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Flagstaff Hypnotherapy is located in downtown Flagstaff.